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With our wealth of experience and expertise, we decided to bring the Best approach to you – the home user. Apart from satisfying our customers needs,we have provided value to their businesses by handling the technicalities in our cloud hosting services and letting the customers concentrate on running their businesses. Our objective is to create an industry-leading brand through outstanding service and customer satisfaction.

You can now become part of the vision while at the same time making money on the side.

We’ve designed our earning programs around the same principles as our hosting: generous perks, straightforward pricing and features, and friendly support, to back it all up.

Offering the highest pay-out per sign up in the world, regular settlement, performance incentives and a willingness to work alongside our affiliates makes the Lenasi Earning Programmes the choice for marketeers who want to honestly monetise their visitor base.

Choose the Right Earning Program for You


For web developers & agencies to establish their brand,increase their profit margin and provide value to their clients on a 25% recurring commission 


Designed for freelancers, bloggers and influencers, our affiliate program lets you earn an Incredible 20% Recurring Commission Just By Referring Customers to us. Furthermore,you receive a $ 1 Registration Bonus!


Start your own online business and make unlimited money online through our whitelabeled reseller hostiong program. Perfect for entrepreneurs, web design agencies and our partners.

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