We believe business is about solving problems, not making money.

We constantly reinvest profits to build the best company possible.


We believe in being open and trustworthy.

This includes having a clear and fair billing policy with no hidden “extras” or surprise renewal prices!


We believe in being honest.

We look out for our clients and won’t sell a plan that doesn’t meet your needs or budget. If we make a mistake we’ll admit to it and make it right.


We believe that quality support is a right.

Support should be superb, personal and easy to obtain. We will never outsource our support.


We believe the company is the staff.

We always hire “autonomously excellent” individuals who are passionate technologists. Lenasi is great people, great technology, in that order.


We believe you get what you pay for.

We spend whatever’s needed for the best reliability and performance. We own our own equipment and never cut corners.


We believe that we all have a responsibility towards protecting our home.

We utilize “Green” technology, 100% renewable energy at all sites and are actively searching for ways to reduce our impact.


We believe consumers are best served by legitimate competition, not monopolies.

So we will not be selling to the businesses we set out to challenge!

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